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Do you need to lay the floor in deadlines without dismantling the equipment? There is an exit! Faster than equipping the floor with modular TM OSTA plates - nothing. Modular floors TM OSTA fit on a relatively unprepared surface and are interconnected by special locks, which allow tightly bind the plates in a single array. The result is a solid floor that does not slip, withstands high mechanical loads, resistant to aggressive environments.

Our masters will make fast and high-quality installation of TM OSTTA floor covering with minimal waste. Having a wide experience of installation, our staff will offer you several options for laying slabs with minimal costs for their pruning. From you you will only need a plan for the placement and placement of equipment already there. Correct and high-quality installation will significantly reduce your costs for floor installation with TM OSTA plates and will allow you to fully experience all the advantages of a modular floor.

The cost of installation is determined individually and depends on the area and complexity of the room, where the modular floors will be laid. Our company will provide a free consultation on the installation of modular stoves TM OSTA.

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Thanks to such advantages as fast installation and dismantling, as well as convenience in transportation (1000m² / truk) - the modular floor of TM OSTTA is often used as a temporary cover on temporary sites. Questions that are answered by the floor of the OSTA are: "How to lay the floor at the exhibition?" "How to keep the lawn during the renovation of the house?" "What to lay on the ground during a concert or presentation in nature?" And the like. We are ready not only to provide flooring for rent from 10 to 1000 square meters. m, but also to ensure delivery to and fro, as well as installation / dismantling at the customer's site.

Our coating does not slip, does not absorb water, has no specific smell, is suitable for use under load as heavy equipment, and sharp ladies' heels. Compactness during transportation allows to save considerably on transportation costs, and it is possible to send floor tiles of TM OSTA by companies by carriers. Our regional representatives in the cities: Kiev, Ivano-Frankivsk, Dnepr, Vinnitsa have the necessary stock of plates in their warehouses, while the network of branches is constantly expanding. Modular slabs are used both in winter and in summer, do not require a perfectly flat surface for laying, easily and reliably fixed with each other. The floor, laid with PVC plates TM OSTTA is easy, washable and resistant to the effects of aggressive elements.

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To make a mistake during installation with a high degree of visibility and the need for a permanent clean-up, and itself:
- primіshchennyah pіdprimstva kharchovoї promyslovostі;
- Primary products and services for cosmetics and cosmetics;
- pharmacological enterprises;
- car miyki;
- Service stations and areas of the deputy mastila;
- vіdkritih terraces, areas of the pool;
A servant is offered at a purchase of 150 sq.m. Price of services: 65 UAH / sq.m. At a time beyond the boundaries of Kiev and Kiev region. dodatkovo rally Vitrati on vіdryadzhennya.