OSTA company as part of the program for the reconstruction of production facilities,  continuing to cooperate with its strategic partner the factory “FILCON”. OSTA company did the installation of the modular floor in one of the premises of the customer. The room was a warehouse and the floor was made from the concrete screed covered by the OSB plates. The existing floor during the exploitation was damaged. For the customer the reconstruction of the damaged floor was expensive.

After the cooperation with the customer’s technical specialists and OSTA engineers the decision was made to dismantle OSB plates and installed OSTA, PVC modular tiles on the concrete screed. Also the factory “FILCON” decided to change the warehouse into transit warehouse. The most acceptable modular tile for the premise was reinforced modular tile named “Spider”. Some time ago the factory “FILCON” already installed modular tile “Spider” in one of its premise and received positive feedback.

OSTA company engineers within one working day without stoppage of the production process dismantling the OSB plates and made the installation of the modular floor OSTA. The installation of modular PVC tiles OSTA in the premise was an efficient and rational solution for the owners of the factory “FILCON”. As you know every company “count its money”. And the factory “FILCON” is not exception to the rules. The company counts the money should be spend for the planned reconstruction of production premises and warehouses. The factory “FILCON” was fully satisfied with the work been done by OSTA company and confirmed its intention to continue cooperation.

The factory “FILCON” was founded in April 1995. The factory specializes on the production of technical fabrics.

The production equipment of the factory is located almost on 3000 square meters and gives the opportunity to produce more than 1,500,000 meters of technical fabric every year.