“OSTA” tm company continues to expand its client base where the PVC (polyvinylchloride) modular floor is installed. The company “SUMEDICA UA” ordered the modular floor to the warehouse of veterinary drugs. The total area to be covered with OSTA floor was 80 (eighteen) square meters. The customer main requirements were: installation of the floor without stoppage the shipment of goods and didn’t dismantling the racks.
Only light loaders were working in the company “SUMEDICA UA” warehouse of veterinary drugs. The weight stress on the floor was up to 2 tons. So, OSTA company decided to install the lightweight modular tiles named “Kolchuga”. The employees who worked in the warehouse complain of the cold flooring. So, the consumer’s requirement was- thermal insulation of the floor. The installation of the modular tiles was done in one working day without stoppage of working activity. OSTA engineers didn’t prepare the surface before the installation of the floor (it was a concrete screed). And when the installation of the floor was done the customer was satisfied with our work.

“SUMEDICA UA” is a subsidiary company of the international company “SUMEDICA” with the central office in Czech Republic. The company “SUMEDICA” engaged in marketing research and sells veterinary drugs to Central and Eastern European Countries.