Module-plate lightweight "Hauberk"

Price (for UA market only)

225* UAH, 1 pcs | under 100 sq.m.

* FOB or DAF price - please contact us

Индивидуально | от 400 кв м

Free assemblingMounting by agreement

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Free assemblingMounting by agreement

Free deliveryDelivery by agreement


The module-plate "Hauberk" is a PVC plate with special lock "tenon-mortise". The lock helps securely connect the modular tiles between each other without additional tools. This type of connection of modular tiles is simple and convenient during installation, does not require additional training of the personnel performing the installation. The modular tiles lock doesn’t touch the base (concrete screed, old tile). The locks are universal for all types of OSTA tm tiles (different tiles can be easily joined). The hollow inner side of modular tiles provides reliable adhesion even with friable surfaces, such as: sand, crushed stone, screenings, etc. Thus, such construction of modular tiles excludes mobility of the tiles and enhances the adhesion on the base. The modular tile "Hauberk" is a lightweight version of OSTA modular floor. This type of floor should be used in conditions of relatively low static and shock loads. The modular floor  can be installed in any premises in which only light loads work: rocket, trolleys and other light technic which moving the products.
The modular tile  “Hauberk” can be installed in:  warehouse and production premises, at open areas

  • in front of warehouse and production premises, in service stations, tire service premises, car wash , garages, parking lots, horse-riding halls, livestock farms , roads, berths in the port, in the premises with heavy vehicles body.
  • in warehouses with loading up to 2 t / dm2;
  • in high ramp freight ramps;
  • in car services and service stations,
  • in garages and indoor / outdoor car parks,
  • in luggage terminals, passenger areas and transport corridors of stations and airports;
  • in production shops of various purpose: food, garment, metalworking, assembly, packing, at factories for the production of hygiene and cosmetics, detergents, pharmacological production enterprises, etc.
  • in gyms, fitness rooms, games rooms and amusement halls, in online stores, showrooms, playgrounds / playgrounds;
  • in cottage construction: arrangement of indoor / outdoor terraces and pool, barbecue, etc.;
  • in seasonal areas such as outdoor cafes (floors can be disassembled and re-assembled);
  • in offices or shops with high cross-country accessibility (can withstand the movement of large numbers of people, shopping trolleys, stackers, loaders).

Tile size, mm700х700х22
Weight, kg
Operating temperature, С
-40 +70
Working area, sq.m.
Permissible load, t/dm22
Available сolorsBlack and brown

Sealing of seams of modular plate TM OSTA.

//osta.in.ua/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/delivery.png Seam sealing service.

It is used for the installation of rooms with high humidity and with the need for constant damp cleaning, namely:
- premises of food industry enterprises;
- premises of enterprises for the production of hygiene and cosmetics;
- pharmacological enterprises;
- car washes;
- Service stations and oil change zones;
- outdoor terraces, pool areas;
The service is available for purchase from 150 sq.m. In case of departure from the limits of Kiev and Kiev region. additional business expenses are paid.