The module-plate “Decor smooth” of TM “OSTA” is developed as a finishing covering on a floor, especially for rooms and open areas where there is already a prepared equal surface. The module-plate “Decor smooth” is equipped with locks like SHIB PAS, without requiring additional materials for connection. When assembled in the working plane forms a stable horizontal array. The geometry of the plate allows you to easily weld (seal) all the seams as needed. The material from which the module-plate “Decor smooth” is made is polyvinylchloride (PVC). It is neutral to aggressive and chemical environments (gasoline, salts, acids, etc.), non-toxic, resistant to high mechanical loads and ultraviolet radiation. The module-plate “Decor smooth” has aesthetic appeal, simplicity in installation and service. Wear resistance class 43. Expected service life not less than 15 years.
The main areas of application of the module-plate “Decor smooth” of TM “OSTA” are:

  • arrangement of a floor of the covered / open terraces;
  • in warehouses with a load of up to 2 t / dm2;
  • in car services, service stations, garages;
  • in luggage terminals, passenger areas and transport corridors of railway stations and airports;
  • in production shops of any purpose;
  • in gyms,
  • in exhibition halls;
  • in seasonal premises, such as street cafes (floors can be disassembled and reassembled);
  • in offices or shops.