The company “Elite Decor” engaged in the manufacture of stucco decor and decorative polyurethane beams. The company ordered modular industrial flooring for the production premises.  This company is widely known as a manufacturer of high quality decorative elements in the markets of such countries as: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Germany and Kazakhstan. The production of such cast constructions is closely connected with the dust-forming production: general pruning, grinding, priming, painting, etc. Initially, the floor in the production premises of the customers were covered by the concrete screed and it was not possible make the high-quality cleaning of the floor. As you know, the constantly dusty production and the concrete screed itself have a high dust generation capability. Exactly these factors stimulate searching of a new floor covering for industrial premises.
The customer may choose certain material for its industrial premises: modular floor, floor coverings, clinker tile and floor covering with epoxy resins. The customer weighed all advantages and disadvantages. For the customer it was important the operational period of the the floor covering, its durability, resistance to shock loads, easy cleaning and maintenance. Also, for the customer it was important the weight of the floor covering. As the production premises were located on the second floor and the production buildings weren’t been the solid structures. Before the decision was made the customer did engineering calculations. And only after that the customer chose OSTA modular floor. OSTA company made engineering and technical installation of its modular floor.

Among customer industrial premises to be covered were two adjacent corridors with access to the platforms of two ladders and a cargo elevator. Also, modular floor installed in: restoration shop, two temporal warehouses of products, warehouse with the finished products and a paint shop. The total covered area with the modular floor was about 1000 square meters.

The installation of the modular floor was carried out without complete removal of technical equipment from the industrial premises. After the installation in one part of the room, the customer’s equipment was transferred to the already installed floor thus continuing the installation of the modular floor without stoppage. The customer (before the installation of the modular tiles in the industrial premise) cleaned the base and applied a primer coat on the concrete screed. The installation process were slightly complicated by the pruning of the modular tiles over the stationary equipment, such as: ventilation pipes, pipes with air under pressure, power cable connections, posts of partitions between the workshops, etc. However, OSTA engineering team worked over 50 hours with the installation of modular tiles in such large production areas.
Below is a project photo gallery. To keep the customer’s commercial secret, the equipment in the photos was hidden.

It should be noted that the customer remained satisfied. The customer experience of covering industrial premises showed in comparison with the previous floor covering, the modular floor easy cleaned and does not collect dust.

We really hope our customer will be satisfied and his expectations will be fulfilled!