The oil company “CHERNIGOVNEFTEGAZ” a member of the group of companies “UKRNAFTA”. “CHERNIGOVNEFTEGAZ” with the aim of modernizing its production premises in a small town Varva, Chernihiv region, (Ukraine) ordered OSTA tm modular PVC floor. The company “CHERNIGOVNEFTEGAZ” ordered OSTA tm “turnkey” work – the floor installation without stopping the production.

The object where OSTA did the installation of the floor was a mechanical workshop of 100 (one hundred) square meters. The premise was equipped with the special fixed machines and devices. The floor in the premise was originally covered with the concrete screed. The flooring in the mechanical workshop was damaged – there were chips on the surface, absorbed oil and other technical liquids, concentrated dust. And it was difficult to wash the floor.

As the customer informed us that OSTA tm modular floor was the most suitable for the industrial premises where the following work took place: turning work, metalwork, welding and some other work. Such factors were taken into account: the total sum of the material and installation service; durability and the service life of modular floor; the installation of the floor and as a result – stoppage of production; the possibility of installation without dismantling of equipment. So the oil company “CHERNIGOVNEFTEGAZ” chose OSTA PVC modular floor. It is quickly changed and ideal floor for industrial premises!
Two OSTA tm company specialists installed the modular floor within 10 hours in the production premise without dismantling the equipment. And it was not the fastest installation of the modular floor! The production equipment was fixed (concreted) that’s why the installation process was difficult. Many modular tiles were cut over the machine feet. So, more work, more time. Even without dismantling of the equipment modular floor was installed in time. And the customer was satisfied with the new floor in the industrial premise.

Video “BEFORE and AFTER”