“Ukrainian headlining company” within the framework of OSTA tm ordered “turnkey floor” an industrial flooring for the warehouse of spare parts for the operator of charter flights “Azur Air Ukraine”.

The main motivation for choosing the modular floor for this customer was changing the previous flooring, concrete screed. The concrete screed was the flooring with increased dustiness and hard cleaning. Furthermore, one of the requirements of the company was – installation of the floor in a short time without the removal of the equipment and other goods from the premise.

Two engineers of OSTA company covered 32 square meters by the modular PVC floor. OSTA engineers did the installation of the floor within 3 hours and moved the equipment only inside the premise. Representatives of the customer company did the layout of the floor in the warehouse, after the installation of the modular floor. Look at the pictures below.

It is worth to summarize that in the process of installation all customer’s requirements were met. The customer was fully satisfied with operational characteristics of the installed modular PVC floor in the warehouse.