The company “Sinta Group” – is one of the major players in the market of services for the large cargo auto transport. The company purchased for its own needs 100 square meters OSTA modular floor. The floor was installed in the company’s industrial premises and in the car repair shop.

Usually, in the car repair shop the floor is made from the concrete screed. The concrete screed floor has some disadvantages, read our article “the concrete screed”. But sometimes, apply technology of flooring – more “advanced” floors for the similar premises. The disadvantages of the flooring are: high price, short service life (about 5 years), the complexity of installation (the flooring dries slowly), the flooring doesn’t have shock-resistance.

That’s why the company “Sinta Group” chose OSTA modular floor, more advantages: durability (long service life 20 years), resistance – to shock, static loads and chemical particles, waterproof characteristics, simple installation and good exploitation characteristics. The company “Sinta Group” decided to buy OSTA modular floor to the car repair shop and industrial premises. As we know for the reason that the installation of the modular PVC floor isn’t expensive. The total cost of OSTA modular floor is less than the cost of any other similar flooring.

The company “Sinta Group” also builds and makes design of: car repair shops, warehouses and logistic centers. The company highly appreciated the advantages of OSTA modular floor for all kind of premises. The company “Sinta Group” also, wanted to be OSTA representative in its market segment. And the company “Sinta Group” with the marketing support of OSTA company participated in the “AUTOTEHSERVICE” exhibition. And the exhibition was in the International Exhibition Center in Brovarsky Avenue, Kiev town, in June 2017.

The photos from the exhibition, below: