The company “Plasma Master” – purchased 100 square meters of the modular floor to the industrial premise. “Plasma Master” is the leader in the market. The company repairs machine parts and mechanisms. The specialization of the company are welding and surfacing. The welding and assembly premises were covered by our PVC (polyvinylchloride) floor.

The management of the company appreciated the advantages of OSTA floor. The most important characteristics of OSTA floor are:

1. Durability and service life is 20 years;
2. Low flammability and high temperatures level;
3. Economy;
4. OSTA floor has high resistance to: chemical particles, static and shock loads;
5. The floor installation without stopping the production process;
6. Simple installation of the floor and dismantling.

Below you can the photos of OSTA floor in the welding premise:

Of course, you may ask what about exploitation of the floor in the welding premise, sparks liquid steel etc.? Be sure, we will post a photo-video report after months of exploitation of our floor.