Lizoform Medical Company, the official representative of the large German company Lizoform in Ukraine, contacted OSTA TM Company. The main activity of the company is the production of various hygiene products. The main task was the reconstruction of floors without stopping production.

Due to their specifics, the premises of the Lizoform Medical company impose the most stringent requirements on the quality of building and finishing materials. The most important criterion when choosing floors was the ability to maintain the ideal sanitary condition of the room, as well as their seamlessness to ensure the absence of accumulation of dirt, bacteria, germs, etc. on the surface of the floor.

The object on which the installation was carried out is an industrial building with an area of 100 square meters, equipped with special equipment. The floor was originally covered with an old Soviet floor, on which potholes and cracks appeared over the long term of operation.

The solution was laying the modular floor of TM “OSTA” in blocks with subsequent sealing of the joints. Our company’s specialists installed modular plates in 3 working days, without dismantling the equipment and stopping production.