In the spring of 2019, KyivExpoPlaza company turned to us – one of the largest shopping centers in Ukraine, which we can arrange for organizers of meetings, congresses and conference comforts for your visits.

The technical assignment of the deputy has been transferred in the near term parking area and parking area of ​​1648 square meters.

Before the meeting, the bids were lost for a total of 4 days. There wasn’t much time for preparing the cooking plates. Rishennyam delivered zavdannya Bulo such: zasipati granvіdsіv і utrambuvati yogo. To put the deputy in charge, the modular slab “Chainmail” was formed, so as to stash in the minds of not so many static and shock drums.
At the same time, motorized boulevards possessing re-drives for passenger cars.

The main criteria for the deputy boule:
-easy laying
-duction of exploitation
-Do not need special training before installation
The krivniks of the KyivExpoPlaza company were overwhelmed with the content and installation of modular slabs of the OSTA TM company. Okremo boulevard is one of the most important installers, competence and indecisiveness in one of the most familiar terms in the most recent. In prospect, plan further away with the possibility of laying with slabs of 42 mm in the area of ​​1100 sq.m. Pіd demonstration of silgosptehnіki.