One of the largest chains of food supermarkets “SILPO” in the city of Odessa contacted our company TM “OSTA” – with a very interesting problem so that their rokly and carts could move without noise, i.e. QUIET. Since the supermarket “SILPO” is located in a multi-storey residential building. And we offered them this solution in the form of a module-plate “Spider” smooth with sealing of seams (soldering). It is a self-service supermarket, the range of which includes up to 20,000 items of food and related products.

The management of the SILPO Company was purchased and, with the help of our specialists, was installed and soldered in the warehouse – 135 square meters of modular floors of TM “OSTA”. The customer was very pleased with the solution to this problem with the help of the “Smooth” module-plate in the “Spider” version, reinforced.

Thanks to the design of locks on each side of the TM “OSTA” modular slab, the floor is mounted quickly, without the use of special tools and materials. Upon completion of installation, the coating is ready for use. It is not required to stop other work in the room for installation of the coating, which saves you time and money !!!! Requires minimal preparation of the substrate: the coating can be mounted over any even and solid surface. Can be laid on non-horizontal surfaces such as an entrance ramp.

Modern modular slabs of TM “OSTA” are floor coverings of increased wear resistance, made of modern materials and using the latest technologies.