In the summer of 2020, our company TM “OSTA” made the installation of modular floors at the car wash “COMFORT”. The total area of ​​the sink for installation was 56 square meters

At the request of the customer, the modular slabs were staggered using slabs in two colors, gray and black. During the installation, 114 modular plates “Gladkaya” in the version “Chain mail” lightweight, as well as 45 thresholds for edging the drain were used.

The main criteria for the customer were:

  • The floor covering must have a non-slip effect.
  • Be easy to clean.
  • Be fireproof.
  • Possess such quality as resistance to mechanical and chemical stress.

The peculiarity of the operation of floors in a car wash is constant high humidity, as well as high static and dynamic loads. In addition, a large number of washing rooms have extremely low-power heating systems, and sometimes they work completely without them. Therefore, the floor covering of a car wash must be durable, wear-resistant, moisture-proof, work in a wide temperature range and non-slip when wet.


All these requirements are met by the modular PVC floor covering TM “OSTA”. These are square waterproof products of high strength, equipped with special locks of the SHIP-PAZ type. With the help of these tool joints, it is possible to assemble a continuous hermetically sealed coating with unique technical and operational characteristics.