The company TM “OSTA” was approached by the company “Delikat”, which sells quality food products, as well as the freshest fruits and vegetables at low prices. The customer in the wholesale store-tent of products (Rustavi st., 13, Cherkassy) needed a budget high-quality floor covering S = 250 m2, which meets all the customer’s required criteria (mobility, quick installation, smooth surface, withstand the load of the hydraulic cart more than 2 tons. When laying on the ground).

Having weighed all the wishes of the customer, the specialists of our company proposed to make a floor of several types of slabs (sandwich), for this purpose, the module-slab “Spider” in the version “Smooth” reinforced 523 slabs (black) and the module-slab geogrid 538 slabs were chosen, Geotextiles 120 g / m2 – 250 m2 were also used for laying.

Properly chosen, high-quality flooring can really enhance the atmosphere of a shopping center or store. Thanks to good sound insulation, thoughtful design and high level of wear resistance, floor coverings made of PVC TM “OSTA” are perfect for any object in the field of trade. OSTA TM specialists will help you select modular slabs for your project, and create an attractive space that improves the shopping experience and allows us to clearly identify our brand as quality and trustworthy. The modular slabs were laid by the specialists of the TM “OSTA” company in the shortest possible time. The customer was satisfied with the choice of the module plate and the quality of work.

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