A new ice center “MARIUPOL ice center” was built in the city of Mariupol, Pobedy Avenue, 75/45. For the arrangement of the floor, directly around the ice arena, modular slabs of TM “OSTA” were used.

The area around the ice arena, on which the OSTA TM modular floor was laid, was 430 sq. M., 880 lightweight Kolchuga modular slabs were used for laying.

An ice arena flooring is not only an ice-filled area, but also a covering around an ice arena or a hockey rink. Different categories of people come to the ice, some confidently stand on skates, while others are just learning. Therefore, the main requirement for an ice arena is safety, the floor covering around the ice arena must be anti-slip and resistant to skating blades. The best flooring option for ice arena, hockey stadiums and ice stadiums is PVC modular flooring. According to its characteristics, it is ideal for conditions in such premises:

  • PVC boards withstand low temperatures.
  • Do not slip.
  • Good thickness of PVC board contributes to injury safety.
  • PVC plate absorbs when walking and will not damage the skate blade.
  • A damaged fragment of a modular PVC board can be easily removed and replaced with a new one.

The modular roller flooring is moisture resistant and easy to clean. The modular plate can withstand heavy loads without losing its appearance, thanks to which the coating around the rollers looks well-groomed.

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