We were approached by the company “PRIVAT-FOOD SHID” – (Luhansk region, Severodonetsk), which is the leading supplier of food products in Ukraine. With the task to equip the floor in the refrigerator. Cold storage flooring is significantly different from floors in other industrial premises. This is due to the fact that the floors are constantly exposed to low temperatures. Therefore, the materials and construction of the floor for the refrigerating chamber must meet a number of requirements:

Low temperature resistance
Resistance to high mechanical stress, since the flooring is under the constant influence of the weight of the pallets with products, as well as the frequent movement of goods and special equipment.
Resistant to chemicals and organic compounds. Antifreezes and other special reagents are used for the operation of the refrigerating chamber. In addition, the nature of the products stored in refrigerated chambers can be very different, from meat products to medicines. Therefore, it is important that the floors of refrigerators are not destroyed by the ingress of such substances.
Ease of cleaning. As a result of the constant movement of goods in the refrigerating chamber, the floors are often dirty, so the floor covering should not retain dirt, and also tolerate cleaning with special substances well.

Based on all the requirements, the customer chose the “Smooth” module-plate in the version “Spider” reinforced (black), 606 plates were required for installation.
The installation of the modular PVC flooring was carried out by the contractors, and the specialists of the TM “OSTA” company provided advice and instructions on the technical issues of laying the modular slabs. The total area of ​​the refrigerating chamber, in which the installation work was carried out, was 297 sq. The installation of the flooring was carried out by the contractors promptly, without stopping the shipment of products and within the agreed time frame. The customer was satisfied with the quality of the modular boards.

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