Customers, who reproach themselves with the services of tire fitting, do not respect the professional quality of the personnel, but they pay attention to which repairs and service customers are required. For a successful robot tire service, the appearance of new, high-wear, wear-resistant drivers is simply necessary. Our company has got one of the best tire service centers in the city of Kiev (17 Sklyarenka st.) is used for the installation of modular slabs of 46 sq. M. For the assembly of the boolean, a modular plate of chain mail is mounted, a coin of black color in a set of 95 pcs.

The main criteria for the flooring for the customer were:
• Be resistant to high temperatures;
• Be resistant to chemicals (acids, oils, gasoline and others);
• Ease of cleaning;
• Be resistant to mechanical and shock loads;
• Be durable, ie. have a long service life.