The owner of the stables in Kiev contacted the OSTA company. Since we have experience working with this type of objects, we have proposed the optimal solution to the problem of laying modular floors in the stable, which would be resistant to intense loads of animals and also anti-slip.

The OSTA company offered to cover the stables with modular PVC plates “Spider” coin.

The advantage of this option is its high shock absorbing properties and hygiene, which contributes to the healthy keeping of horses. And what is important, such a coating will protect the joints and hooves of horses from damage. Since the coating is non-slip, it reduces the chances of the horse falling. Also, the advantages of such floors are high resistance to chemicals, temperature fluctuations and loads, they have a long service life and they are easy to install and dismantle. Modular slabs TM “OSTA” are not only functionally suitable for flooring in a stable, but also look very neat and stylish.

The owner of the stable has chosen a modular plate “Spider” coin in the amount of 306 pieces. The total area for the installation of slabs was 150 sq.

By purchasing modular slabs from TM “OSTA”, the customer is guaranteed quality and safety for animals.

Basic requirements for stable flooring:

  • reduces the noise level (the clatter of hooves will be heard less in the stable)
  • resistance to loads
  • anti-slip property
  • ease of cleaning
  • durability
  • environmental friendliness
  • thermal insulation
  • hygiene
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