KIT is the first innovative terminal in the newest logistics infrastructure, Nova Poshta. It is distinguished by equipment that allows you to quickly sort packages – up to 8 thousand items per hour. In such an enterprise, everything should be performed at the highest level. The flooring must be selected taking into account the high intensity of passage through the warehouse of mechanisms, and this, in turn, is rocky, trolleys, wheelbarrows and electric stackers.

Choosing a durable and high-quality flooring, the customer settled on a reinforced Spider module-plate for unloading on ramps and a lightweight module-plate “Chain mail” in the center of the complex. This coating fully met the criteria of practicality, wear resistance and aesthetics. PVC plates of the TM “OSTA” company have high wear resistance, safety in use and unpretentiousness. PVC plate withstands heavy loads, equipment pressure and high traffic in crowded rooms. Aggressive chemicals and moisture do not affect modular slabs, therefore floor care is simple and does not take much time.

The installation of the modular PVC floor was done by contractors, and specialists from TM “OSTA” gave advice and instructions on the technical issues of installation. The total area of ​​the room in which the work was carried out was 6200 m2. Installation of flooring was completed promptly and within the agreed time frame (14 days). The customer was satisfied with the quality of work of specialists.