For each service station client, not only the professional qualities of the personnel are important, but also the conditions in which the repair work of their car will be carried out, and a high-quality floor covering is one of them. Modular slabs are excellent for service station due to their properties.

The service station for the repair of turbines @turbostoua contacted our company with a request to replace the floor covering. For installation, the customer chose a modular slab “Spider” coin (black and brown colors), the number of which was 140 slabs, as well as 210 thresholds for transport access.

The main criteria for the flooring for the customer were:

  • Be resistant to high temperatures;
  • Be resistant to chemicals (acids, oils, gasoline and others);
  • Ease of cleaning;
  • Be resistant to mechanical and shock loads;
  • Be durable, i.e. have a long service life.
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