Installation instructions

Installation instructions for modular PVC floor covering TM "OSTA"

For installation of modular PVC floor covering TM “OSTA” you will need the following tools:
- an angle grinder with a disc for wood or a jigsaw (it is recommended to use a tool with larger teeth);
- rubber hammer;
- tape measure, marker;
- knee pads;
- building level and square.

Preparation of the base before installation of the modular PVC coating TM "OSTA"

Before laying PVC flooring, little preparation of the substrate is required. Installation of the coating can be done if the unevenness of the floor does not exceed 5 mm for a length of 1 m of the floor (i.e. the unevenness has a smooth transition). The maximally leveled base of the floor ensures a reduction in the load on the modular PVC covering during operation. Oily spots, cracks, potholes, moisture or unevenness of the substrate (old self-leveling floor, sealants, adhesives, etc.) do not affect the performance of the modular coating.

Preparation of a modular PVC covering TM "OSTA" before installation

Before installation, the modular coating must be cured indoors for 48 hours. The room temperature should not be lower than 12 ° C. The recommended temperature of the floor covering during installation is not less than 12 ° C.

Installation of modular PVC cover TM "OSTA"

- remove protruding elements from the base of the floor;
- before starting the installation, it is necessary to collect with a vacuum cleaner or thoroughly remove the remaining dirt from the floor;
- installation of modular flooring must be started from the place with the maximum traffic intensity (entrance, doors, etc.), having previously inserted a transport access. Transport ramps should be placed in places where they will not interfere with the closing of gates, doors, etc.;
- during installation, it is necessary to leave a gap of 3-5 mm near the walls to compensate for the thermal expansion of the material when the temperature inside the room changes. In the future, the gap can be closed with a plinth. If necessary, the locking elements are cut off from the modular covering adjacent to the wall with an angle grinder with a disc for wood or a jigsaw. Trimming is also done to fit the modular covering to the size of the room; - it is recommended to install the floor covering with an offset (see figure 1). Each new row must be laid so that the slabs of the previous row overlap at least 1/3 of their length;
- for rooms with increased requirements for the tightness of the floor covering, it is recommended to weld the modular covering using a PVC cord and a hair dryer for soldering polymers;

Maintenance of modular PVC cover TM "OSTA"

- for wet cleaning, you can use special products for cleaning floors, or a solution of washing powder. In case of oil stains, use degreasing detergents;
- use of a scrubber-drier
- no limitation;

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