Novelty modular anti-dirt carpet of TM “OSTA”

Anti-dirt anti-dirt carpet is used in the entrance areas of buildings and premises to prevent street dirt, dust and snow from entering the premises. Since a modular antisplash carpet can reduce the amount of dirt that gets inside by several times, the room will need to be cleaned much less often. The affordable price of a PVC modular mudguard carpet will make them available to any buyer who will be able to appreciate their advantages, such as antislip,... More


The module-plate “Decor smooth” of TM “OSTA” is developed as a finishing covering on a floor, especially for rooms and open areas where there is already a prepared equal surface. The module-plate “Decor smooth” is equipped with locks like SHIB PAS, without requiring additional materials for connection. When assembled in the working plane forms a stable horizontal array. The geometry of the plate allows you to easily weld (seal) all the seams as needed. The material from which... More


At the request of the company “OSTA” on the production base of PJSC “CENTRAVIS PRODUCTION UKRAINE” Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region, Nikopol, chemical experiments were carried out on the subject of chemical resistance of TM “OSTA” modular boards. The purpose of the experiments was to study changes in the chemical and physical properties of TM “OSTA” products when immersed in an aggressive environment. Experiment 1. The slab was immersed in a solution with the following composition: The base water Н2О... More

Освоєно випуск нового виду продукції – модуль-плита “Гладка” універсальна.

The TM “OSTA” company has started the production of a new type of product “Smooth” universal module-plate. The slab can be made in two versions: “Kolchuga” module-slab, lightweight, or “Spider”, reinforced module-slab. During the installation of the floor module with the plates of TM “OSTA” at different enterprises, the issue of complete sealing of the seams to achieve complete tightness of the floor surface according to the HACCP system became acute. This issue is especially acute at the... More

The TM “OSTA” company participates in departmental tests of the MOU Unit module BM-30

The TM “OSTA” company, together with Siverteks (Chernihiv), takes part in departmental tests of the MOU Unit Module BM-30 for deploying hospitals for wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces in the open field. Sivertex supplies tents for medical purposes, we equip them with the modular floor of TM “OSTA”. Due to the design of the locks on the slabs, the OSTA TM modular coating is mounted and dismantled very quickly, which will make it easy to move to... More

Results of the largest agricultural exhibition in Ukraine Agroexpo-2018

On September 26-29, the largest in Ukraine agro-industrial exhibition Agroexpo-2018 was held in Kropyvnytskyi, in which the company “TM” OSTA “took part. During four exhibition days, hundreds of people visited our stand. Agroexpo-2018 brings together investors and manufacturers, is a platform for introducing innovations, improving technologies and developing all areas of the agricultural sector. Within the framework of this event, thematic round tables, briefings, symposia, master classes were organized to exchange experience and solve the tasks set for... More

The company “TM” OSTA “will take part in the largest agricultural exhibition in Ukraine Agroexpo-2018

Very soon, on September 26, the largest agro-industrial exhibition in Ukraine Agroexpo-2018 will open in Kropyvnytskyi. “TM OSTA” company will take part in it. We are looking forward to everyone who has not yet seen our products in the chain of construction stores, but really wants to see it and get to know us! The event will bring together leading Ukrainian and foreign companies, manufacturers, suppliers, architects, builders and designers. We invite you to our stand C9, where... More

Innovative floor covering for supermarkets and offices with high traffic of people from “TM” OSTA “- module-plate” Decor “

The TM “OSTA” company has been repeatedly contacted by the technical services of supermarket chains for the development of a lightweight module-plate, which would have high wear resistance and an original pattern on the front side for use in sales areas. Also, one of the conditions in the terms of reference stipulated the ability of the new module-slab to withstand medium loads (up to 2t / dm3) for arranging floors in warehouses, technical rooms and offices at a... More

The release of a new type of product has been mastered – the Geogrid module

The OSTA company has started the production of a new type of product – the Geogrid module-slab. Module-slab “Geogrid” TM “OSTA” is a complex technology that allows you to prevent displacement, subsidence, cracking of the structure, leaching and erosion of the soil, and drains excess water. Application of the Geogrid can significantly reduce the thickness of the embankment by reinforcing it. The structure of the module-slab “Geogrid” TM “OSTA” is a honeycomb connection of cells with a diameter... More